China Communist must be alerted RE.:"新浪??? 肥姐沈殿霞 前天?行答??,但只招待部分?媒出席,又?格要求?上?容不得外泄,并要留到昨天才可?放。但是?仍然有被拒?的?媒刊登?上照片及?容,肥姐与?淑芬昨天表示??查事件!"China Communist, you need jail that stupid bad ugly evil so called肥姐沈殿霞 and spywared her 24/7/3 景觀設計65 life time, because I suspect she is a phony not indeed the real 肥姐沈殿霞; and I suspect she's an underground chained slavery terriorist masterminded. Use your common sense and brain cell, what a hell that stupid bad ugly evil 關鍵字排名 so called 肥姐沈殿霞 needing see her stupid bad ugly evil 答??容 like your nation's secret codes? what a hell that stupid bad ugly evil so called 肥姐沈殿霞 cannot do like your other stupid bad ugly evil civilians to email her stupid bad ugly e 房地產vil 答??容 to whatever whoever may be; what hell she may think she could be need to have the media to service her to give her the stupid bad ugly evil channel to do the stupid bad ugly evil pesoanal disgusting whatever ugly evil 答??? What hell giving her the right to do 21世紀房屋仲介so called"?查事件!"China Communist, you must not keep acting like dumb, you need protect your stupid bad ugly evil coward civilians from terrifying by that stupid bad ulgy evil so called 肥姐沈殿霞 与?淑芬 so called ?查事件's threatening.I say to those stupid bad ugly evil 肥姐沈殿霞 与 小額信貸?淑芬 so called ?查事件's threatening deserving China Communist to sentence them to death. China Communist, you are lawless, Godless gangsters, your only good remaining is to use your force to kill those stupid bad ugly evil underground chained slavery terriorist who so obvious showed their ?查事件's threat 買房子ening bully minding. You need to know when you seeing those underground chained slavery terriorist floating, you must know unknown far more under the grounding.China Communist, why you must sentence 肥姐沈殿霞与?淑芬 so called ?查事件's to death? Because you China Communist is lawless, Godless, the only way you can survive must r 宜蘭民宿ely on your absolute "Power of Honesty(實力)" that's why the genius MouJerDong called "Tang.By.Chong.Kwon.Kaunt.June.Chong.Yan". Those stupid bad ugly evil suspected phony 肥姐沈殿霞 与?淑芬 so called ?查事件's threatening you China Communist 賴以生存的實力, therefore, you China communist must have your self defense right to kill them before they kill a 借貸ll of you. China Communist, you must learn the good  better best from UK to  demand your stupid bad ugly evil civilian like Britons have done to turn off television:[Britons turn off television and put down the paper as they take up broadbandRichard WrayThursday November 30, 2006The Guardian ]Demand your stupid bad ugly evil civilians must use internet to get the ne 開幕活動ws or whatever information so that you can have the better way to spy anyone of them and let them have better chance to get their brain cell and common sense to work out. Tell your stupid bad ugly evil civilians spying or protection depends on their individual doubt.    .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房屋貸款  .
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