How to be a Bright Star? 1. You have to be thinner than that thinnest me when I was around 28 years old - Height 150cm, we 室內設計ight 40kgs. 2. You have to speak perfect M 帛琉andarin.3. You have to write very good "Mouth.B.字" ( In or 面膜 der "Show.Lyan.Chen" really good invisible "7.Gong". How to do the "Show.Lyan 關鍵字行銷"? 1. You feel your body is light. 2.You write must simply because you LOVE to write; if you write for 婚禮佈置 other reason, it cannot do you any good. 3. You must have nothing else need to care, that means, you are totally free a 代償t yourself. 4. When you write, the fingers <five fingers of that holding hand> must hold the writing brush firmly, the rest of the very 酒店打工 hand must on the air, that means the elbow of that writing hand must be on the air. ) 4. You have to be pure virgin (not just Chinese said "女人.10.水", yo 婚禮佈置u have to be pure like "水蒸氣"), lightest high in the public eyes, coolest low by yourself alone; that only the wisest King can be good enough to beat you on that two fronts extreme 買房子that echoed in the Chinese course "Mean.Way.Great. Sir.G.次.Zhi. 君.Way.輕".   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 結婚  .
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