Why underground chained slavery falling so low lower lowest? Because slave is out of free mind, the best they can do is hold on han 土地買賣ging there, in order to get strength to hol 商務中心d on, they must have the best big heart with the highest mora 房屋買賣l value living in a very simple decent life, they may looked like "Liu.Monk" yet they are 西裝 indeed good like a Saint(kind like God wears Devil's face to enter hell to search righteous death). 節能燈具There's no way for woman to get to that point, because woman once looked like a "Tie.May" she already falling into Whore's pool no 會場佈置 way to hold on any one. Man may have little chance to get that point, because man has the "Zhu.Dong.Chyuan" to hold on not whore when he me 買屋ets his only love, the woman has no such advantage, when she bend to fake love or reject her true love, she has no way    to keep her inside like a SAint. Therefore, yo 借貸u should know when you see woman nosing you like she's a saint, you should know she's certainly going   falling into the miserable hells. When she trapped self into the position mu 室內裝潢st nose to make rejection, she's a loser nothing to do with Saint, not mention the mankind big heart. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 網路行銷  .


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